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The presence and effects of Japanese Knotweed are just one of the many considerations that may affect value and just one of the variety of factors that valuers must take into account when assessing Market Value. While this invasive, non-native plant can be difficult to control, it should be recognised that timely and persistent treatment programmes can minimise its impact. As the treatment industry develops and matures, it is hoped that valuers will be able to provide more informed advice to their clients. As lenders adopt more consistent and balanced policies Japanese Knotweed should soon become just one more consideration in the complex valuation process.

We undertake surveys on sites of all sizes and provide you with a written report identifying any areas of Knotweed found and the programme of treatment we recommend.

To find out more about our service and our recommendations for treatment of your site please send us an email and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

 SJT Trackforce Ltd was founded on over 25 years experience providing Tree Surgery and Japanese Knotweed Removal services to a wide variety of clients across the UK. Our aim is to provide a high quality and professional service to all our clients and deliver the service they expect from us at all times.

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced and work to an excellent standard of Health and Safety.

We have been treating the eradication of Japanese Knotweed for over 25 years both in a Commercial and Domestic capacity. Our clients include London Underground, Network Rail, British Rail Board, Highways Agency and National Grid.

SJT Trackforce Ltd uses skilled employees with NPTC certification to deliver our vegetation management in Kent, Surrey. Hampshire and Sussex . Our business has a dedicated training program to ensure team members always have the correct qualifications in place. We are particularly suited to large-scale vegetation clearance work for national service providers operating throughout the Home Counties.

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Plants We Treat

Japanese Knotweed

Giant Hogweed

Himalayan Balsam